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Paybay plays a leading role in the digital Market, in particular, in the mobile payment & digital services industries. Paybay has a complete expertise in digital money, loyalty, e-ticketing and couponing.

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Our team includes over 60 employees (with average age, 28 years), steadily engaged with disruptive projects, who has developed an innovative platform, Tytn, that allows to manage Payment and value added services such as Loyalty, Couponing and Ticketing, all-in the Cloud, to ensure services’ access in multi-channel way by using different technologies: NFC, BLE and much more.


Our solutions fit every Brand’s needs and goals and we’re able to give every industry a customizable loyalty program and digital solutions to improve and boost business.
We work as a strategic partner, with an offer that combines technology and business consulting, in different industries: Banking, Energy, Fashion, Confederation, Retail, Airport, Traveling. Also we have developed the first “full digital” italian commercial network, equipped with innovative acceptance tools, to enable multi-channel payment and serve every needs of our services’ user.


We manage every kind of payment and VAS transactions as well as the Issuing and the enrollment of prepaid and credit cards. With our technology and supporting by the Electronic Money Institution of our Group, we provide and manage payment cards’ issuing, as well as home banking and mobile banking systems. Also, we are able to manage in complete safety (according to PCI-DSS standards) the Acquiring process in partnership with SIA.


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By our Market-driven platform, Tytn, we ensure: an high personalization of Loyalty program, through customizable multi-channel cloud services on Mobile, Web, Loyalty and Payment Cards as well as on wearable technologies;
the effectiveness of a Business Discovery system, Data Analysis and Big Data management that aims to improve member profiling, social and customer acquisition in order to offer to your audience the best Loyalty experience ever.

Also we develop and manage Privative and Coalition loyalty programs, designed to stimulate networking among brands that want expand business. Our offer also includes Gamified solution, working on social networks, to motivate the competitions among users, so everyone can hear about the wonderful experience your brand have built for them!


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digital services

We have a long-standing experience in providing e-ticketing services, such as entry ticket, lunch ticket, Transport pass and Parking ticket as well as for benefits and welfare 2.0, through vouchers, Cards, Web and Mobile.

We also manage digital commerce by creating a customizable Marketplace coupon-based to introduce mobile commerce in a new win-to-win environment for brand, customers and merchants. Our system enables retailers and franchise to create promotions and send geolocated deals straight to customers of brand loyalty program, improving their bond with the main sponsor or with brands’ coalition.


Digital Services success cases


  • Cavazzana
  • Turolla
  • Eagan
  • Serazzi
  • Mistè
  • Branchini
  • Papoff
  • Myrie



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